Are you swimming in the right pond?

Whether that’s a simple project like a postcard, development of a complex WordPress website, or working with your organization’s creative staff to develop efficient workflow procedures, you’ll always be a big fish in Bob Levine’s pond. While other design and consulting firms are just looking for customers, the goal here is to build long-term relationships by focusing on your needs.

Digital Publishing

Confused by the seemingly endless choices in digital publishing formats?

I can clear it all up for you and help you choose among reflowable and fixed layout EPUB, apps, web apps, and interactive PDF.


Tired of wasting countless hours on repetitive tasks?

Chances are you’re working way too hard. You could be working smarter and faster by learning the methods that the top experts use.

Web Design

Not everything around here revolves around InDesign or InDesign-based workflows.

Your website should look as good on a phone as it does on a computer. Does yours? If not, call me.

What’s next?

Please explore the site to get an overview of what I have to offer, but if you’re ready to get started now, please give me a call at 908-605-4210.

Alternatively, fill out the contact form and let me know a convenient time to call.

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